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Is wine pairing dead?

Perhaps this is too radical a question, but it is very much to be taken into account in this day and age. “Union, analogy or conformity with which some things are linked or correspond to each other.” This is how the RAE (Real Academia Española) defines the concept of pairing. Already from the outset, we find it extremely shocking to define wine pairing in this way.

Gone (we hope) is the traditional concept of pairing in the world of wine: reds for meat and whites for fish. That horrendous precept we have come out of, or are coming out of, thanks to the greater knowledge of the consumer and the new elaborations of winegrowers who seek, as we seek, to express the varietal, to make only the soil, the territory, and the climate speak for themselves. Fortunately, today we have white wines capable of harmonizing with all kinds of dishes, of making a meal, a dinner or a moment perfect.
It is all about emotion, about remembering every sip you had with a perfect company (at the table and beyond).

As in the world of wine pairing everything is already written but at the same time nothing is neither valid nor final, because the beauty of it is that each person must harmonize and accompany the wines with what he or she likes, and we are going to tell you how we have recently been pairing the wines we produce in the Ribera del Duero in Burgos, at Tres Piedras.

Nobbis is our single varietal Tempranillo from relatively young vineyards (about 25-30 years old). We like to enjoy it in many different ways. Its freshness and light ageing in seasoned American oak allows us to enjoy it on many occasions, such as with the perfect accompaniment of a beautiful sunset and a good book. Ripe fruit and light toasted notes envelop the mouth with each sip. If we decide to accompany it with food, we opt for a chicken barbecue (it can also stand a bit of rock and roll with fattier meats), rice with duck, lamb chops, and more.

With Unanimous Santa Cruz, our aged white wine, we play a lot when it comes to harmonizing it with food. Its fermentation and subsequent ageing in French oak as well as its magnificent evolution in bottle invites us to pair it with game meats, mushroom scrambles, clams in marinara style or Galician barnacles. It is a very gastronomic wine with many possibilities in its accompaniment.

Finally, Unanimous Finca La Tejera is our terroir wine from centenary Tempranillo vines grown within a plot of less than one hectare. We like to pair it on the table with typical dishes from our area such as roast lamb, Botagueño chorizos, and sheep cheeses.

In short, it is about finding the right dance partner for every moment in our lives.

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Wine pairing

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