Unanimous Single vineyard “Finca la Tejera” 2019


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LOCATION UNANIMOUS Finca la Tejera is exclusively harvested from a single field of 0.65Ha (1,6Acres) aged
more than 100 years on a small valley flowing into the Riaza river, a smaller branch of Duero river.
VARIETY Almost the entirety of the vineyard is from the Tempranillo variety, although we can also find some vines of Garnacha, Albillo and some others not yet identified.
ALTITUDE Altitude is 820 meters over sea level and 23 above the river bank, which avoids coldest areas during nighttime
AGE AND FORMATION La Tejera vineyard is more than 100 years old and its within a plantation framework of 2.3 x 1.5 meters with vase formation.
SOIL There is a level of heterogeneity, a solid clay foundation but sandy surface product of raindrop and temporary floods due to the heavy storms of the area.
CLIMATIC YEAR Mild, rainy winter. Probably the most rain in the last 30 years, with no frosts in April and May and flowering process developing normally, water collected on
clay soils in Finca la Tejera made for a good developing of the grapes during a dry summer.
There were several interventions for grape packs clearing in order to maintain a low production with maximum quality. Very few rains during the summer helped preserve healthy grapes up until harvest, which was carried out on October the 20th taking advantage of low temperature.
Nº BOTELLAS: 2.089
HARVEST: Harvest was carried out in the last dry days before rainy season and long frosting periods, a characteristic of the Fuentecén area. All grapes are harvested manually
in 15 kg boxes and cooled down before introducing them on the winery.
WINERY PROCESS Low-temperature fermentation by means of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) in stainless steel containers with soft stirring so to ensure extraction of complex
noble components from the grapes’ skin. Malolactic fermentation in 500L french oak barrels
AGING 12 months in extra fine-grained french oak barrels with different levels of smoking degrees. After that, no less than 16 months bottled before put to sale.
APPEARANCE Cherry red, clean and bright.

AROMA Very high intensity, elegant and delicate at first. Lots of red fruit, creamy but strong. Perfumed, with srome salty, mineral notes.

TASTE Balanced, acid but persistent, fruity. Loyal representation of Tempranillo grapes harvested in cold areas and a very unusual soil in the Ribera del Duero.

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