TresPiedras explores the diversity that Ribera del Duero can offer through its collection of special wines. They are a limited edition made with the desire to show all the expression of specific plots, and the characteristics of certain unique varieties. These vineyards are located in hidden areas, with beautiful viticultural landscapes around them and extraordinary potential. A collection of wines faithful to the terroir and the know-how of the people of these privileged places, rooted in the landscape of these small special areas that deserve to be portrayed.

Unanimous La Tejera Detalle


It is made mainly with the special Tempranillo: Tinto Fino, from our historic vineyard “La Tejera” planted before 1900. Like many old vineyards, it has some strains of diverse varieties such as Albillo Mayor (Banco), Garnacha, Malvasia, and Bobal that are mixed to add complexity to their aromas. Cold elaboration using dry ice, and with fermentation in French oak barrels. Almost non-existent pressing, natural yeasts and no rapid cooling process to clarify, with the aim of offering the full potential of the vineyard without intervening in any way in the natural and traditional process of making Ribera del Duero wine.


UNANIMOUS “Santa Cruz” Albillo Mayor – Blanco de Guarda

In the past, the vineyards had a certain mixture of varieties for different reasons: Because shoots of other vines had been recovered to graft the new plantation and, due to ignorance, unwanted varieties had been grafted, or because they wanted to have a percentage of Albillo Mayor grapes, to help in the manufacture of the traditional “claret”. A rosé, which was commonly called that in the region.

Today, due to restructuring of the vineyard and plot concentrations, most of that old vineyard has been lost. In addition, the Albillo Mayor plants were, in many cases, uprooted or regrafted because the price of white grapes was lower than any other red grape.

This wine has been made recovering one by one each plant that we have found among many old vineyards. Once harvested, it has undergone a long aging in French oak barrels, before moving to the bottle, where it will rest until consumed.

Unanimous “Santa Cruz” Albillo Mayor 2019 – French Oak-Aged

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