Viñedo prefiloxérico La Tejera

La Tejera Estate, a strategic enclave for the cultivation of vineyards

These days, walking through the plot of La Tejera, its enclave and its qualities continue to amaze us. It is a strategic enclave that has resulted in the survival of this pre-phylloxera vineyard, planted around 1900. This is the origin of Unanimos Finca La Tejera wine, a production comprised of fewer than 2,000 bottles per year.

Located in Fuentecén, in a small valley that flows into the Riaza River (a branch of the Duero River) we come across a plot of land with old Tempranillo vines among which we also find some Garnacha, Albillo Mayor, and other unidentified vines. This is a plantation designed in the old style, with a coupage of varietals in the plot itself.

These varietals are set in deep clay soils with a sandy surface but are well drained. Its symbolic name comes from here, since a “tejera” was the place where adobes or roof tiles were made for the construction of traditional buildings. This is a good indication of the type of soil that can be found here: pure clay.

Its location protects the plot from the strong northern winds, instead enjoying mild and temperate air currents. These daily air currents dry the area and allow us to work with sustainable viticulture, without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The gentle breeze in turn helps to temper the ambient temperature and thus cool the grapes, which allows us to lengthen the ripening process and thus the grapes retain more freshness and acidity.

Its altitude, at 820 meters above sea level and 23 meters above the river bank, offers cool nights while avoiding extreme cold and excessive heat during the day.

The age of the vineyard shows us the planting frame of 2.3 x 1.5 meters. As in the rest of the plots, we carry out a regenerative viticulture, always respectful of our environment. Our way of doing this involves cultivating a living soil, in which the vines can achieve their maximum expression, reflecting the environment, and working with plant covers with which we provide nutrients and organic matter to the soil and improve its structure by activating its microbial life and oxygenating it at the same time.

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pre-phylloxera vineyard La Tejera

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